Women’s Retreat – Sisters in Christ!

We recently held our 3rd Come, Follow Me Women’s Retreat. The retreat was a moving, heart-felt weekend for the team and the participants – with 47 people in attendance – the Holy Spirit was with us!

Some feedback from the retreat participants:

“Thank you for all your hard work and bringing me face-to-face with Jesus”

“I needed this time to move away from the chaos and stress of life.  To strengthen my relationship with God and heal the brokenness inside me.”

“Having time to reflect and meditate on Jesus and also to reflect on myself and my life”

“Everything was more beneficial then I would have ever imagined”

“The companionship of ladies.  The love of Jesus through all the women.  The new beginnings!  The resources how to do better in life.

“It ran seamlessly, on time and with much care and enthusiasm from the team”

Look for our upcoming retreat in March  2020!