Encounter Christ during Lent at a Come, Follow Me Retreat

The Come Follow Me Retreat creates a dynamic opportunity for a personal encounter with Christ. This year the retreat falls during Lent! I think this is a great opportunity! I was just visiting with some fellow parishioners and one of them asked if I had any special material for Lent this year. They said they wanted to have something different, a change from their ordinary routine for Lent. We know that the Church directs us to use prayer, fasting and almsgiving to go deeper in our lives of faith. As we follow the Church’s guidance, we discover God’s loving presence in an intimate way. God comes near as a helper, a healer, an encourager, and as a gentle, loving friend.

Make the Come, Follow Me Retreat part of your Lenten Celebration

This retreat is for those who want to have something different than what they have had in the past. Anytime someone comes out of their usual routine to encounter the Lord, the Lord responds! He provides something extra special for them. I am sure God has something special in mind for you too!

On behalf of the entire Come, Follow Me retreat team, we look forward to seeing you at one of our 2020 retreats.

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Fr. Peter O’Brien +++

Men’s:   7 pm February 28 –  3 pm March 1, 2020    register here

Women’s:   7 pm March 20 – 3 pm March 22, 2020    register here

Interested in sharing your personal testimony and/or participating on the team?

Being part of the retreat team is a rewarding and inspirational experience.  You can help spread God’s glory by sharing your own story or helping the team in many other ways.  Just call 541.525.9310 or email us at [email protected] to learn more.