A special Advent message from Fr. Peter O’Brien of Come, Follow Me Retreats

Advent is a time like no other!  When God chose to enter the scene as a child born in a manger at Bethlehem, the Israelite people were under the yoke of Roman occupation.  OUCH!  In the depths of their hearts, they hoped for a leader who would raise an unconquerable force, run the foreigners out and establish a secure kingdom for the Jewish people.  Little did they expect a surprise like Jesus!  He came instead as a teacher who invited them to a way of life that was radically different than what they had imagined.  During the Advent season we are invited to contemplate Jesus’ first coming and try to open ourselves to the unexpected!  Mother Mary and St. Joseph were no doubt surprised!  God is the master of surprises!  The first step, from their example, is to be open to God’s plan.  After that, if you’re like me, you may find yourself being surprised, humbled and renewed as you allow God to lead you in the way of life he calls you to.  It’s a form of surrender, but the surrender is not forced; it’s a gentle invitation and God is the best leader.  Jesus is a healer, reconciler and giver of life, peace and joy!  May God bless us all on they way!+++

On behalf of the entire Come, Follow Me retreat team, we look forward to seeing you at one of our 2020 retreats.

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Fr. Peter O’Brien +++

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  1. Thank you, Father Peter, for all of your inspired messages. I was baptized Catholic but not a participating member other than times visiting my dad. In the nineties, I was called to attend RCIA and was thereafter confirmed. I attended Mass for about a year before stopping on a regular basis. Attending Mass alone and viewing families sharing the time is lonely, and my spirit was still growing. March of 2018 my husband and I moved back to Oregon (Lebanon). I resolved to begin again attending Mass on a regular basis. You, Father Peter, were a blessing to me. You sharing your deep heartfelt spirit is a gift to your parishioners. I looked forward to your homily each Sunday. Alas, we moved to a retirement community in Albany and I am now attending St Mary’s. I am very happy with Father Ed Sanchez as well, but I do miss your spirit-filled and heartfelt homilies. You give so much to appreciate, learn, and think about, and inspire continued growth in our love for our Lord. From time to time I intend to attend Mass at St Edward’s – where my mother and father, and many family members over time, were married. And where I attended Mass with my grandparents as a little girl when visiting them.

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